Trends in “Cool” Corporate Videos

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When it comes to online marketing, online videos are considered to be one of the most powerful and commonly used medium. As with trends in other industries, trends change often in our line of work: corporate video production. Riverside and Los Angeles have a large number of video production companies, but not all of them understand the current trends.
We immerse ourselves in corporate video, and we study what works and what doesn’t. The following are trends we’ve noticed recently.

1. Explainer Videos

More and more companies come to us seeking explainer videos. Typically, these are 30-120 second motion-graphic videos that explain a product or service on a high-level. They are not tutorial or how-to videos, they simply explain the product or service in the most concise way. Companies want these because, done right, they’re fun to watch and the viewer walks away clearly understanding the message. Good examples of explainer videos are our Profound Logic ( and RFgen ( videos.

2. Infographic Style Motion-Graphic Videos

An infographic is a chart or diagram used to represent information or data, broken down in its simplest form. To understand what infographic style is, simply google infographic. You can see the graphics are contemporary and you’ll often find playful representations of objects or people. Now imagine these static infographics animated. That’s basically what an infographic style motion-graphics video is.

3. Spokesperson

A year ago, many clients seemed hesitant to hire a professional actor to play the spokesperson or host in a video. Some would rather hire a voice-over actor or use text graphics to go over the visuals. Now, not only do companies seem more comfortable with the idea, it’s become a trend (again) to hire a spokesperson for a corporate video.

4. Humorous Tones

Just as the spokesperson was a trend, and then wasn’t, and then was again, so is producing humorous corporate videos. They’ve always been around and many have experienced great success, but now we’ve found clients wanting to move in that direction again. Lots of times, clients are hesitant to use humor because they worry about audience reaction or if it will relay the marketing messages well, but it seems now that companies are willing to go there.
While you’re finding a video production company to serve you, pick one that knows what they’re doing and are also well versed in the new trends that are being used in the market these days. Among all the Riverside video production companies, and video companies in LA and OC, 336 Productions stands as one of the best.