Recently, social media has seen a huge drop in image content and a rise in video content production.

The algorithm of apps such as Instagram and Facebook prioritizes video content over images because of the popularity of video-sharing apps such as YouTube and TikTok. Continue reading to find out why other social media apps are following the video trend in their wake and how hiring a video production company in Orange County can help you succeed.

Because They Build a Bond

This might come off as a myth, but it’s anything but that. Videos with emotional elements tend to appeal to people prompting empathy—which means better engagement. Especially for businesses, video marketing is becoming a tool to drive sales.

Usually, photos don’t spark sentimentality in people, especially when they don’t have people or pets. Videos, however, with their animation and visual effects, hold their attention from the get-go and are generally more engaging.

The human element in them helps people build a bond with the person (or business) behind the social media account.

Videos Increase Exposure

People scroll past images in a hurry, and recently, it has come to light that their short attention spans are to be blamed for it. On the other hand, videos keep changing frames and scenes, and are attention-grabbing.

This means they can hold the viewer’s attention for considerably longer than an image. The longer a person stays on one image or video, the better exposure it gets. The algorithm works this way, and social media influencers have not only realized this, but are also using it to their advantage.

More Likes or More Comments? 

Yes, images get more likes, but videos gather more comments. The question is, ‘Which one is better?’ We say the latter wins, and this is because apps such as Instagram and Facebook prefer comments over likes.

Now you may ask why that is, and we’ll tell you the answer: the amount of time spent double tapping on a photo is considerably lesser than that of typing a comment. Again, this leads back to more exposure.

Promote Your Business with Videos Today

Now that you know social media prefers videos over images, it’s time to up your game and explore options for video production. 336 Productions is an award-winning video production company based in Orange County, and we can help you promote your brand.

From legal videos to sales videos and educational videos, we do it all! Get in touch with us to learn more about our services today!

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