Why Visuals Are The New Way Forward

By August 28, 2019No Comments

Why paint a picture with words when you can use a picture itself?

Even though you’re told to keep your eyes and ears open in dire situations, your auditory memory isn’t as robust as your visual memory. It would serve you better if you stay alert or open your eyes wider because your auditory memory lags behind your visual recollection or tactile memory of events. Visuals get indelibly etched in our long-term memory whereas textual or oral information only partially permeates into short-term memory. This is why 60% of the population comprises of visual learners.

The way our brain processes sensory information from environmental stimuli works differently in the case of each sensory ability. Higher rates of visual retention are the primary reasons why visuals are becoming the new way forward in every sector. Be it e-learning or commerce, visuals have become a stronger medium of delivery that guarantees long-lasting results and here’s why.

The Mind’s Eye is Stronger Than Achilles’ Ear

Science has proven that the human brain processes images or any visual stimuli 60000 times faster than textual information. This is how nature has allowed our optical abilities to have an edge over auditory senses. Contrary to this, the relationship between sound and memory suffers from loss of retention because of an innate weakness known as Achilles’ ear. This is an inferior short-term memory of auditory cues which inevitably makes visuals the champion.

Facebook Likes Are Greater On Photos Than Posts

When you look at a page with print and pictures, what catches your eye first? The answer will obviously be pictures because illustrations and colors are more intriguing and attractive than plain words. This is exactly why a Facebook post with pictures earns more likes and emotive reacts than wordy posts. This also has a lot to do with the fact that reading requires more time and effort than interpreting a picture at first glance. The digital age is about everything on the go and to pause and read has become an outdated practice that has long been obsolete.

Communication is Mostly Nonverbal

Ever wondered why your attire, facial expressions and posture are given so much importance during professional interviews? This is primarily because you communicate 93% more with your appearance—or the visual you create—than the words you speak. The same logic applies to marketing and sales techniques. Since a major content of communication is nonverbal, it’s only fitting to employ the same tactics when selling a product. The goal is to communicate as much about your brand in as little time and space as possible and nothing does that better than visuals.

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