Growing a budding business isn’t easy. It requires consistent effort, marketing strategies, and a lot of patience!

One such strategy that’s excellent for any kind of business is video marketing that commercial video production companies like ours provide.

In today’s era, social media is everything.

Everyone uses it, making social media platforms a great place to market your products and services. So, as an organization that’s just growing, you can use it to grow your brand awareness in the ever-competitive marketplace.

Here’s why you need to invest in video marketing:

Increases Brand Awareness

According to statistics, 69 percent of people prefer video over text. So, most of the people online are digital video viewers who retain information better when it’s shown in an engaging video. Hence, you should create a professional, creative video with the help of a video production company. 

Boosts Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement helps your audience convert, which then leads to sales. That’s not all though. Through professional video marketing, you can emotionally connect with your users, increasing the chances of customer retention.

a professional cameraIncreases Your Online Presence

When you increase your social media engagement through videos, your start-up’s online presence increases too. More and more people watch, share, and comment on the videos, bringing you more traffic.

Google Prefers Videos

Since videos increase the time a visitor spends on your site, it signals to Google that your site has good content. So, embedding videos on your website certainly helps your search engine rankings!

Increases Sales

With video marketing, you can build brand awareness, connect with the audience on an emotional level, increase your online presence, and build a link between your consumers and yourself. A video, thus, converts views and clicks into conversions.

They’re Mobile Friendly

Over 50 percent of the website traffic comes from mobile phones. So, your 2-minute video on any social media platform can get thousands of views. This increases your chances of converting to sales tremendously!

Video SEO is Great!

Apart from other digital marketing strategies, a huge chunk of SEO is done through video marketing. The higher your website traffic and its duration on your site, the better you rank on search engines (which increases your visibility).

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