3 Things Companies Should Consider Before Shooting A Corporate Video

By April 18, 2018No Comments

Video making is an art, and it can become quite a challenge if not handled the right way. Here are 3 things companies should be mindful of before they begin the process of shooting a corporate video.

The Budget

Before you begin shooting, establish a budget for your video making process, including pre- and post-production costs. Take into account every aspect you will encounter and be especially wary of potential changes that may occur along the way.  If you hire a video company, which is highly recommended, your producer will build the budget for your project in the discovery phase.

Companies are often tempted to have their employees make the video to minimize costs, but beware!  Having an in-house crew instead of a professional video production company may cost you less, but the video quality may not impress your target audience—kind of defeats the purpose of video marketing in the first place.

Set a budget, hire a video making team, and watch as your video through the production process smoothly!

The Script

Ask any A-list actor why they chose to do a particular film, and the majority of the time they’ll tell you it was the script that attracted them.

While a corporate video is not a Hollywood feature film, the importance of having a strong script is just as relevant.

Often companies underestimate the importance of crafting a mission-specific script for their videos, believing it won’t require much time and effort to create one. This could not be farther from the truth.

Believe it or not, it’s actually the script that is the real star of your video! The participant(s), location, graphics, etc. are all secondary, for the script is what really decides what the video content will be like.

This is why companies absolutely must spend a considerable amount of time and energy drafting the perfect outline and script. Scriptwriting is a lengthy process and may take week to get it done just right. The advisable thing to do would be to hire a professional video making company to help incorporate all the necessary elements into the script, without packing it with too much information.

Expert script writers will make sure to get your company’s goals, services and relevance across by including just enough material to no make it sound boring and preachy. They’ll also add style to your content by making it exciting and engaging for your audience.  Remember, a dull script will ruin the content quality of your corporate video so make sure you invest enough energy into it!

The Distribution

Have you thought about how you will be promoting and distributing your video once it has been made? You need to come up with an effective strategy to launch your video, and on the right platform.

Now that you know who your target audience is, you need to look for ways to get your video to them. YouTube and Google are both great places to host your video for it to have a large outreach. To further expand your audience, social media platforms and the company’s blog page are also a good way to spread your video.

Don’t forget to plan your distribution beforehand! A corporate video isn’t complete if it doesn’t reach its audience.

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