Looking Ahead: 336 Productions’ 10 Year Plan

By April 28, 2018No Comments

I remember when we started the company in 2008; lots of sleepless nights, hard work and dedication. We gave it our all. And as they say, hard work really does pay off!

We took every job offered to us.  Every project built on the last.  One relationship introduced another.  As the years past, we developed a long list returning clients and a steady flow of new ones.

Starting and growing this video company has been a journey.  One that is full of hurdles but at the end of the day, we wouldn’t want to walk another path!

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredible companies—big and small. We’ve had the chance to work with Fortune 500 companies as well.

It has been a truly wonderful experience.

We love all our project (of course), but a few do stand out, like our video series for Fujitsu! This was a video series that focused on Fujitsu’s several different product lines: biometric technology, RFID tags, cash recyclers, and self-checkouts!

What we love about this series is the fun and humorous tone of the videos, and the concept in general.

We’ve worked really hard throughout the years and we’ll continue to do so.  We hope to work with more new clients and keep working with the clients we love.  We’ve worked with dozens of industries, hopefully we can add to that list.  We’ll continue to create the very best live-action and animated corporate video, and might even delve into VR as that becomes more popular.

Being able to work with amazing clients and improving our skills has been a blessing for 336 Productions and we continue to aim for success in the future as well!

So if you’re looking for a video production company to hire, feel free to contact us!