3 Things to Be Aware of Before Shoot Day

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So you’re script is locked, the location is ready to go, and the cast and crew are set. You and your video vendor are ready to shoot the commercial you’ve been working on for months.

Your commercial is going to be brilliant!

And it probably will be, but pre-production is just one part of a three part phase.  Let’s consider some things to consider the day(s) before production:

The Setup is a Process

Many are surprised by how long it takes to light and set-up a shot.  Depending on the lighting set-up, a few shots can take hours to get.

Along with lighting, there also blocking, camera settings, sound checks, and rehearsals that take place before “roll camera!” is called out.

Wear comfortable shoes, and keep your laptop close by so you can get work done during your down-time.

Interruptions, Interruptions!

If you’re shooting in the city, there are bound to be interruptions.

Cars honking, airplanes, loud noises from busy cafés, and construction can also impact the shoot. You will need to wait until you’re able to record clear audio.

Secondly, while we don’t have control over all sorts of environmental noise, we do have control over some. You can switch off the air conditioning, office music, and fans if you have the power to do so.

If you’re shooting in a location that is adjacent to a noisy area and you’re recording sound, you’ll have to account for that when creating the schedule for the day.

So, make sure you choose the location wisely. Spend more time scouting for the perfect location than making hurried decisions.

Luckily, there are a few listing websites like LocationHub that help you find the perfect location.

…And Cut!

That’s something you probably want to hear and you will, except you’ll hear it a hundred times. Probably.

In order to make everything perfect, there will be dozens of shots, and the director will ask for retakes. You will most likely see the crew getting several takes of the same shot. This is exactly why it can become a lengthy process.

Let’s say there’s a scene where the actor has to type on a computer. They perform the task seemingly perfectly. But we’ll still have to ask them for a retake. This is so that during editing, we can pick the best scene.

This applies to dialogue as well. There will be several recordings and only the best one will make the cut, regardless of whether the first recording was sounded good on set.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when shooting.

In a nutshell, you should have unlimited options. And that’s a part of the shooting process that makes all the difference!

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