336 Productions Has Been Selected For The 2016 Best Of Costa Mesa Awards For Video Production Service

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First and foremost, we love what we do! Co-Founders and husband and wife, Josh and Marlowe Stone, met in film school and get to use many of the same techniques they learned in film school to create uniquely creative corporate videos. So just getting to do what we love everyday is enough, but then every once in a while we get an award. This time, a 2016 Best of Costa Mesa Award for Video Production Services.

Awards like these make us realize that all the efforts, late nights, and early call times really pay off when they are loved by our clients and their customers.

Each year, the Costa Mesa Award Program chooses some of the best local businesses that demonstrate their ability to give the best to their customers. The award is mostly the result of community involvement and customer service and we are glad we factor into both of these requirements.

This award now means that we stand in line with other international companies that are also Costa Mesa Award winners like, Merrill Lynch, Shell Oil Company and Best Buy! Cool!

Achievements like this make us realize time and time again how our team is the best at what they do.

The Projects

We took on a number of different types of corporate video projects the last year. Some of our top projects that we’d really like you to check out are:

Although we have a thing for “hitting it out of the park”, these are some from last year that we’d like to share as examples of what we can do. From showcasing client facilities to highlighting their core offerings, organizational culture and product benefits, these videos have everything in there.

Not only did the clients love them, we also got a lot of positive feedback from viewers on social media channels.

We Believe In Being Great, Instead Of Just Good!

The nominations for the Costa Mesa Award rely largely on word of mouth and client satisfaction. The company is also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. Thus, winning indicates that we are playing an active part in strengthening our local economy.

Bottom line: We’re passionate about what we do. This is the biggest reason we’ve managed to secure another win this year. Our clients are aware of that as well, and so are the viewers!

Please feel free to check out videos of our previous projects here while we put our party hats on! Thank you for the love!