Why Choose 336 Productions?

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At 336 Productions, we are among the leading creative video production companies in Orange County and have worked with a diverse array of local and international clients. We use our experience and team to create unique and interesting corporate and brand videos for you, so that you stay ahead of the competition in your industry.

Have a project in mind? Perhaps and a friend – or even Google – recommended you to us. And so you’re wondering “Why should I choose this company and not another one?”

Good question. Here are a few pieces of information that will clarify why working with us is the best video production decision you can make:

We Have a Number of Awards to Our Name

Awards are impressive. Just ask Leo. Dicaprio, who just won his first Oscar, was a great actor before the Oscar, but now he’s an “Oscar Winning Actor.” It makes a difference.We Have a Number of Awards to Our Name

Jokes apart, we have secured over 15 awards since 2008 that range from Telly Awards, Communicator Awards, W3 Awards, Pixie Awards, and more. All thanks to our creative team and their efforts at coming up with ideas that stand out. Our videos have been highly appreciated in the local and international corporate market for their effectiveness, delivery, and result-oriented, standout approach!

We Don’t Just Create Videos, We Create Experiences

When you get in touch with us for a video project – whether it is for a company overview, a product launch, an explainer video, or a tradeshow exhibition video – we’re invested and giving it our all.We Don’t Just Create Videos, We Create Experiences

We start off by researching your company and products, analyzing your competition, and your target market. Most of what we do is more about marketing your brand and creating a video that strengthens it.

Therefore, we make sure we collaborate with you at every stage of the production phase to ensure that we’re on-brand and coming up with something exclusive that’s also parallel to your goals.

Check Out Our Reviews and Client Testimonials

In the digital age today where most of the purchases are made online and prospects are more likely to Google a company before actually choosing to work with it, it does make sense for you to do the same.

Therefore, we have a separate webpage where we upload all our client testimonials so that you get a better idea of the quality of work we can deliver. In addition to that you can also view many of our previous videos that we have created for different clients to develop a better understanding of our approach.

Now that you know exactly why choosing us for a video project is the soundest decision, why not get in touch with us and get started on your project!