5 Reasons to Keep Your Video Content Brief

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According to a study by Microsoft, today the average individual’s attention span is lesser than a goldfish’s.

This means that you have less than 5 seconds to grab viewer attention. So many brands struggle to attract the right target audience, simply because they don’t open their videos with a hook, and then say too much.

The trick is to keep it balanced, but that can be hard when you have so much to offer. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is having to say it all instead of teasing ideas or keeping it concise.

A powerful storyline is important, but so is keeping your marketing messages to the point; this will engage your audience and keep them watching till the end. With busy and hectic schedules, most people don’t have the time and means to spend more than 2 minutes watching a video.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to keep your video content short and sweet:

1. Getting to the Point

One of the perks of brief video content is that it gets to the point from the start, doesn’t drag on, and is easy to understand.

While complex content can’t be explained in short videos, providing consumers with specific chunks of information in small doses is much more effective.

One of the things you can do is divide your video content into a mini-series so that your viewers can watch them at their own pace! This will also help organize the content so that there’s no confusion.

2. Shareable

Short videos are not only easy to understand, they’re also highly shareable. A video that is highly shared usually means it’s relatable to its target audience.   A highly shared and relatable video will have a higher ROI.


Surveys show that word-of-mouth recommendations are the most powerful form of marketing and make up for 13 percent of consumer sales.

The point of video content is to make it shareable. If no one is watching your videos, what’s the point in creating them?


3. Cost-Effective

A 10-minute video will probably cost more than a 2 minute one.  This is especially true for motion-graphics videos, where the duration is closely tied to the budget.  A shorter video makes it possible for smaller brands to produce professional video because their budgets aren’t as high.

Furthermore, by creating vines and Instagram videos, brands can directly communicate with their audience.

4. Investment in Quality

A shorter video means you need to especially focus on messaging, so that you’re telling a quality story. Focus on the main aspects of the content and this will help you summarize the services you offer, without compromising on quality.

Consumers prefer a well-executed video that is under 1 minute rather than a 5-minute video of poor-quality.

5. Longevity

Although short videos usually last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, they last longer than you think. It’s because they are easily shareable and of high-quality; they’re remembered by viewers for years to come. Short video content easily seeps into the world of social media networks.

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