5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Producing a Corporate Video

By September 10, 2018No Comments

The term corporate video doesn’t sound fun, or something you would eagerly watch; this makes it all the more important to take those ideas and turn them into appealing videos that just can’t be forgotten.

With about a few seconds to grab the customer’s attention, introduce an effective yet engaging concept, and communicate your brand’s identity; corporate videos have their work cut out for them.

So, how do you plan a video that is guaranteed to garner more hits? Let’s find out.

1. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Cinema film producers have neatly divided categories that accommodate their creations; there is Action, Horror, Rom-Coms, Comedy, Drama, Young Adult, Fantasy, and much more. For a corporate video, your idea and execution should be based around your target audience. Knowing which demographic your video is targeting can help you devise content that they can relate better to. Knowing what your target market is, e.g. twitter or YouTube will also help you attain maximum views.

2. A Story That Matters

The mark of a successful video is that the message lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the video has stopped playing. Planning a plot that stays in your audience’s mind is the gateway to effectively getting your message across. Whether you’re pulling on people’s heart strings with an emotional roller coaster, tickling their funny bone with a hilarious video, or you’re wowing them with an action-packed short film; pick a story that resonates.

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Customers don’t want to sit through a 10-minute long video in which a generic person harps on about your product’s many benefits or what amazing services you offer. We are a visual-oriented life form and prefer a visceral experience rather than an overtly informational one. Show what your product can do instead of just talking about it.

4. The Less Corporate Words the Better

You know the ones: state of the art, leader, revolutionary, world-class, groundbreaking, synergy, results driven, leverage etc. Common everyday parlance does not include the use of corporate jargon, so minimize its usage in your videos. It’s better to use more rudimentary phrasings to get your point across.

5. The Video Production Value Matters

Of course, no one expects a corporate video to be a life-changing cinematic experience but that doesn’t mean it should look as if someone shot it using their mobile phone. If you want your corporate video to leave an impression on your target audient, you need to invest in it like you would with any other marketing venture.

Pulling off a decent production requires you to hire professionals who know their way around the video marketing arena. Our video production company 336 Productions in Los Angeles, CA will assist you from concept to post-production and everything in between.

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