How to Use Videos to Market Your E-Commerce Site

By September 11, 2018No Comments

The verdict is in; visual content is more preferred than text-based content. The average US adult spends at least 5.5 hours daily watching video content. Branded videos have never been more important for e-commerce sites than now.

Store retailers have one advantage that customers can actually see and feel the product before they buy it, but e-commerce stores can bridge that gap and provide customers with a more holistic shopping experience…with the help of promotional product videos.

Product and service videos boost your brand’s online presence and drive in sales. Here are a few video categories that e-stores should definitely integrate in their content strategy.

Product Overview Videos

Highlight and showcase what your product is really about with the help of product demonstration videos. From jewelry to home appliances, tech gizmos to clothes, product overview videos can communicate the product value to potential customers. If you’re showcasing a jewelry product, highlight its design and quality; if you’re demonstrating a home appliance, show its effectiveness.

Customer Testimonials

Build your brand’s credibility with the help of customer testimonial videos. Your customers will understand the value of your brand better when there’s someone advocating it on video rather than quotes on your website.

Testimonial videos truly capture the essence of everything your business has to offer. It makes shoppers feel more secure and confident about their purchase. Check this one out by FreshBooks.

How-To Videos

We’re always looking for informative guides, or hacks. Take advantage of that and create videos that give the viewers useful tips while suing your products. Statistics confirm that informational videos are watched by around 70% of the populace making them incredibly popular. So, helpful video content is a must.

Entertainment Videos

We all enjoy a little entertainment from time to time. Data shows that over 60% of the population prefers to watch humorous videos online. Add a touch of entertainment to the visual content you upload for your e-store. Customers will feel more connected with your business this way.

Take a look at this brand that decided to poke fun at itself by creating this “bland, generic branded video” called “This is a Generic Brand Video.”.

‘About us’ Videos

Put a face behind the name by producing an engaging ‘About Us’ video introducing your brand. It is an interesting way of explaining to your customers who you are and what you stand for.

A back story will help your customers relate to you on a human level.

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