Video marketing is part of modern brand strategy for digital platforms. It may overlap with content marketing, but it essentially involves using video content to engage customers or raise awareness.

Today’s multinational companies and small-medium enterprises seek the help of professional video production companies to create top corporate videos for their brand.

A Brief History

Video marketing became an important component of digital marketing in 2010, but it became accessible to small businesses four years later. In 2021, with businesses switching to e-commerce, video marketing has become accessible to every business.

Viewing & Consumption Pattern

Social media and digital media have made it possible for brands to attract modern consumers through video marketing. Why? Because Gen Z and the Millennial audiences spent most of their time on social media. To top that, they have a shorter attention span that requires creating content appealing to them.

Because they consume media but skip marketing videos, making your marketing videos engaging is important. Video production companies are keeping up with the viewing trends of the modern audience. They deliver videos that market to the right audience at the right time using the right content!

Consumers prefer video content, and brands are personalizing videos to shape the future of digital marketing. Today, video marketing has transformed how modern consumers shop and how salespeople convert potential leads into loyal consumers.

You will be surprised to know that Gen Z and Millennials prefer low-quality but authentic videos to which they can relate. Instead of creating a video that looks unauthentic, video production companies are producing videos that resonate with their experiences.

Every 6th person today watches videos online instead of on television. This means video-making is now a lot more accessible, and your business can suffer if you don’t incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

How Does Video Marketing Work?

Video marketing is a tool used by marketing teams to influence the target audience throughout their buying journey. It does more than the engaging a modern audience. For example, backend analytics are used to identify the unresponsive audience and convert them into active leads.

There are multiple video marketing options – customer review stories, onboarding videos, team-introductory videos, etc. The options are endless, and your brand can optimize modern audience engagement through quality content.

Video marketing helps in attracting customer traffic to the website by retargeting the visitors on social media. Social media is the best medium to reach the modern audience, and your videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lead to higher engagement because of changes in consumption trends.

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