If you want to earn from your music, you just need to license it before releasing it. As sync licensing has become all the rage nowadays, it can benefit if you know how to license your music.  If you’re looking for some valuable articles to learn about music licensing, then you’re at the right place.

There are two ways to license music: synchronization licensing and just simply registering your music via a Performance rights organization, like ASCAO or BMI. Let’s explore these further.

What is a Synchronization License?

A synchronization license is an agreement between the owner of the copyrighted composition and the owner of the music in which permission is granted to release the song in the relevant video format, including movies, YouTube, videogames, etc. This permission is also known as Synch rights, sync rights, or synchronization rights.

A synchronization license typically grants you one-time access to use your music in exchange for the fee of only one time. You have to make sure that the agreement is rock-solid, and you will get the money that your music deserves.

How to do it?

While filing for a sync license, you should know the aspects clearly that would be outlined in your contract.

  • Where would you use the license to distribute and use the music?
  • How much time will they take to hold the sync license?
  • State, region, or countries where the music can be used
  • If the song can be licensed to any other brand at the same time

Licensing your music for royalties

You have to know that before licensing your music, the song and lyrics you use have to be copyrighted. Once that’s done, you can create your music collection as MPS or WAV files. The higher the resolution of the music video, the higher its value will be.

You have to include the metadata from the song’s name, your name, album name, and the date recording will be released.

Afterward, you can create a spreadsheet for all the collections you have available for licensing. It will include a brief description and keywords that will help people find your song.

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