Making an engaging video is a top priority for all video production companies. With a lower viewer attention span, piquing the target audience’s attention requires special and visual effects.


In filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) involve creating on-screen images that are otherwise impractical. These types of effects are used in post-production to make it realistic. For example, flying in space, dragon fights, etc. Unlike VFX, special effects (SFX) are on-site effects used during film or video production, such as prosthetic makeup or fake rain.

Usage of VFX and SFX in business videos

While these effects are widely used in filmmaking, they can also be used in corporate and brand videos to promote the business or reach the target audience. Regardless of the nature of a video and its intended audience, a low engagement rate is the biggest fear in this arena. Even for an explainer video, the proper use of visual and sound effects increases the engagement rate.

Trends in brand videos

Branding videos also need to incorporate strong visuals, sound effects, and audio logos in today’s digital era. All of these elements help promote videos of any type, from explainer to training to branding to commercial videos and so on.

Business video production services also include these effects to make your brand or corporate video appealing to the right audience, although the extent to which effects are used may not be as advanced as used in a big-budget film. However, if you wish to hook the audience, it is important to use SFX and VFX in your videos.

Why VFX & SFX?

Many times training videos fail to keep the trainees’ attention. Similarly, the commercial brand videos or video demos do not render as much audience engagement as they should. You may have an appealing script, right people, and yet the video does not land well. This is due to the lack of visual and special effects in the videos.

Types of effects

There are different types of visual and special effects that can boost your brand and corporate videos. These effects can lead to a sales boost by creating a lasting impression and growing your brand.

Brand advertisements can utilize motion stills, stop-motion animation, motion graphics, and textual or even transition effects for effective engagement. It is important to choose a video production company that knows special and visual effects and is client-oriented.

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