Over the last decade, social media has emerged as not only the most sought-after media due to its attention-grabbing short videos and visual texts. According to an estimate, social media penetration rates in the US are around 88.7%, which is a very high figure indeed. With a user base this high, businesses now prefer to use this medium as a usually free advertising tool to market their products and services. Social media platforms give businesses a place to not only boost their brands but also connect with their target market segments in new and innovative ways.

Importance of Video Production for Social Media

Every month more than 2 billion people access their Youtube accounts, and each day more than a billion hours of videos are watched by users around the world. These high numbers show the significance of video platforms for people around the world. The pandemic saw an even higher increase in the number of social media users, leading to the creation of short attention-grabbing video clips. Various social platforms gave them different names, but whether it be “shorts” or “reels,” they all served the same purpose—keeping users hooked to their devices.

People around the globe are now spending hours over their phones and iPads watching hours’ worth of video content. Videographers understand this situation and use it to create their online presence to increase their viewership ratings.

What is Social Media Marketing?

For decades, brands have used videos to advertise and market their products. Videos have a high visual appeal, and people can connect with them on a personal level as opposed to a printed brochure. Videos are informative and entertaining and have a higher chance of gaining viewership as opposed to other types of advertising tools.

The 21st century saw a paradigm shift in the way brands marketed their products. Businesses started creating videos specifically for online media places so that brands could easily pump out media to their target audiences. This strategy takes them directly to their market niche and the targeted customer base.

Benefits of Social Media Videos for Brands

Videos hold a visual allure that other kinds of media don’t. People can resonate with the images and the audio and are influenced by the message narrated in that clip. Social media videos are great for businesses because they convert viewers into potential customers. This is because good quality videos inform and persuade people to purchase from brands and become their loyal customers.

By using the right kind of video content, businesses can exhibit their good work and community practices so that they can create a trustworthy relationship with their clientele. Authentic content is liked and shared by people all over social media, which gives brands a much-needed boost. Video content amplifies a brand’s visibility and makes it popular amongst social media users, some of which might become potential clients.

Videos are the most engaging tool on social media, and people prefer to watch short clips rather flip through a photo album online. 336 Productions is a local Orange County business that helps clients create exceptional quality customized corporate and marketing videos for their brands. We offer a variety of different pre-production, production, and post-production services to its clientele.

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