Are you sure you’re choosing the right video production company?

By September 30, 2014No Comments

video-company-optionsHave you been thinking about making a video for your business? It’s a daunting task when you’re considering video production for the first timeand researching and meeting with various video companies. The task has become even harder given the increased number of companies providing video services in Orange County. When we started 336 in 2008, there were half as many as there are now. For the company looking for video production, this can create a headache.

You might be wondering who’s going to create the most effective video for me? Who’s going to be easy to work with? Who’s produced videos similar to what I want? Who offers all the services I need? Who’s going to give me the best band for my buck?

Beyond that, the cost of quality video production demands it be done right the first time, so finding the right company is critical; The power that video marketing holds is increasing day by day; a single negative tweet about your corporate video will cause a domino effect to follow.

Your company image lies in the hands of a video production company, so here are five things to look out for while selecting the right company.

1)    Experience in the Industry

Ask about the experience they have in the industry. It is good to know about the companies they have previously worked with. A bonus is when they have had business experience with companies from your particular industry. Check out the video company’s references and their previous work.

2)    Are they Innovative and Creative?

When watching the video company’s work and reel, ask yourself, “is this good?” They are going to put their best work on their website, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for there, move on! You need a company who produces exciting and effective videos creatively. It’s important that they company you choose thinks about corporate video creatively, not just in a straight-forward manner. You don’t want a cookie-cutter video.

3)    Production Quality

Check to see whether the videos look professional; don’t forget your brand is riding on the video they will make. Things to consider are the quality of sound, the on-screen talent, the lighting, the length of the video, and its motion-graphics. The video has to look good, sound good, and entice your target to take action.

4)    How organized and responsive are they?

Did the video company return your email or call promptly? Was their proposal well-written and organized? Even before you hire them and pre-production, you will be able to get a handle on how responsive and organized they are through your early communications with them. The fact that they are both those things is incredibly important given the number of moving pieces and deadlines in the video production process.

5)    Do you like them?

One of the most important considerations before hiring a production company is knowing that you can build a good rapport with them. There should be a comfort level between the two parties because you will have to work with them closely throughout the process. Just like anything else, effective communication is mandatory for building a good relationship between yourself and your video vendor.

If you’re considering video production services  in Orange County or the surrounded areas, contact us so we make your job of finding the right video vendor easier!