What Kind of Corporate Video Do I Need?

By August 31, 2014No Comments

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, video is the most effective form of advertising. The majority of internet surfers prefer videos as a source of information and entertainment. But not just any video will have the desired impact. It needs to have a purpose and a relevant message, especially if you are making a corporate video. Many companies that we speak to know they need video, but aren’t sure what type of video they need. Here are some examples of popular types of corporate video that most companies need:

Product Video

If you sell a product it should have a video, plain and simple. Whether it’s a new product or one that’s been on the market for decades, you should have a video on your website, social media sites, and product’s web page that introduces the top features of the product. You may have noticed on, many of the top brands now have product videos features on the product’s page. A video advert will make the public familiar with your product and persuade them to purchase it.

Corporate Culture Video (AKA Who Are We Videos)

A corporate culture video is great for your homepage. It’s a video that, through interviews of team members or voice-over, will introduce your company to your clients, customers, and potentials clients, customers, and investors. The video will also reflect your company’s culture, stating what makes you different, and how you operate as a company.

Announcement or Celebration Video

If the CEO or anyone in the higher management wants to make an announcement that will affect the whole company, video can be used as a delivery medium. If you are celebrating an anniversary or any other type of milestone, you can have a video made to commemorate the moment. The video can be used internally or posted on your site. We’ve made theses types of videos where there’s a cut for the public, and a different cut for just the employees.

Demonstration Video

These types of videos show a viewer how to use something. That something can be a physical product, service, app, or software. Many times, for software, we’ll do a whole video series, since software tends to need more teaching. A great demo video will teach the viewer how to use something in the simplest way, using the shortest amount of time.

Brand Video

Brand videos are becoming very popular. Brand videos come in various shapes and sizes. We love brand videos that act as a music video for a company. With just music, creative shots and text graphics, the viewer gets a sense of the brand and what’s important to them.

Corporate videos can serve many purposes; it all depends on the needs of your company. For maximum impact and ROI, you should always hire a professional video production company to produce your corporate video.