Best Facebook Ad Examples That Work (And Why)

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With 2.01 billion active monthly users and around 1.32 billion daily users, having a strong marketing presence on Facebook can be great for your business. In fact, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg states that there are roughly 65 million active business pages on Facebook.

The social platform has become a great marketing tool for startups and established businesses alike. But with so much buzz, it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the digital world. However, it’s not entirely impossible.

The following Facebook ads hit all the right notes with the audiences. Read on to find out what lessons we can take away from them.

Kay Jewelers

The Facebook video ad for Key Jewelers has two great things: 1) it tells a moving story, 2) it’s quick. Taking up just a few seconds of your time, the video advertises their product and attaches sentimental value to it. This ad works because:

  • It’s Visual – Even if you’re watching it with sound off, you’ll have an idea of what’s being shown. This is important because 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off.
  • It Has Value – The ad clearly shows what value their product brings to people’s lives.
  • Great CTAs – The video makes sure to end off with a solid CTA.


The Facbeook ad for Allbirds, a shoemaking brand, uses clean and simple images to their advantage. The video lasts merely for nine seconds but they’re enough to showcase their products in a great light. The video instantly catches your attention and even manages to resonate with the individual watching. While many Facebook ad videos try to be flashy and catchy, the Allbirds ad is a breath of fresh air with its clean simplicity. It works because:

  • It Has Clean Visuals – The video clearly focuses on the subject in an engaging and moving manner.
  • It’s Relevant – We’re all on the lookout for good shoes and footwear ads that are relevant. This ad holds interest and grabs our attention.

AT&T Business

The Facebook video ad for AT&T is all about storytelling. The ad sets the mood and tone right from the start. It has tense music and dark imagery to keep the viewers engaged. The short ad shows the journey of how a homeless person became a business owner. The campaign ad is brilliant because:

  • It’s Quick – The ad is short and quickly delivers its message: “Be agile and nothing can stop you.”
  • It’s Visual – The ad uses sounds and images to keep the viewers engaged.

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