The Newest Trends In Video Marketing

By September 18, 2019No Comments

After securing its place in the industry as a major contender, video marketing has successfully made it to the mainstream. It’s no surprise that 80% of businesses claim to depend on this digital marketing tool and consider it their strongest asset.

But what make it relevant to modern audience are ever-evolving trends in that offer something new at every step. Evolution and advancement in video marketing is the linchpin of success because videos become redundant after the initial few views. Viewers get bored of seeing a visual multiple times and so they’re on the lookout for something new and refreshing. This is primarily why businesses can’t recycle old marketing videos at a later time because viewers can jog down their memory and identify it as old.

Since this is the backbone of most businesses, companies need to stay up to date with what’s new in marketing trends. This year will be booming with several new updates and trends that will keep the market in a flux.

Watch out for these trends in 2019.

Ephemeral Stories

Founded by Snapchat and adapted by Instagram and consequently Facebook as well, the idea of limited-time videos was a sweeping success last year. The feature of ‘stories’ in social media video content was a big hit and is expected to reach even greater heights this year. These stories could be used by businesses to their benefit because it kept their message short and snappy and avoided dreadfully long films. Already a success on private accounts of mobile users, these ephemeral stories allow businesses to offer something new.

Diversifying Video Formats

When it comes to formatting videos, there’s no standard way to do it. This is because the one size fits all rule doesn’t apply to the variety of businesses there are in the industry; each caters to a different market and must tailor marketing to specific needs. The popularity of this feature on social media platforms testifies the fact that video formatting is indispensible to marketers. New trends like dizzying array of video length, different types of picture quality and aspect ratios are on the rise. Since vertical viewing is becoming a standard manner of watching videos, online platforms are adding more features to make it trendy and refreshing.

Optimizing For No Sound

This is a much-awaited update because video is not all about watching, it’s as much about listening. Acoustics play a major role in how a video is perceived. Since mobile phone users are commonly found in public settings like offices, restaurants, subways and elevators, they prefer plugging in earphones to avoid having others hear what they’re watching. But the ‘no sound’ optimization has allowed social platforms to keep videos on mute mode by default so that it doesn’t start blaring in public while a user is scrolling down their newsfeed. With changes in listening and viewing behaviors of the target audience, this trend will become all the rage and require further advancements in future.

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