Can You Change The Scope Of Your Video?

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Planned to go to lunch with a friend? The restaurant is closed.

Have to give a speech at the corporate event? You get a flu.

Want a television commercial? The budget is triple what you can spend.

These are just some examples of something unexpected happening and having to be flexible.

But when your boss calls to tell you that you need to add a scene and film an additional interview when the shoot is a week away, it can send your entire team into a state of frenzy. And rightfully so.

You got the budget approved, hired the video production company, signed the video contract, and went through pre-production. You were ready to film, but now you have to go to your video vendor and tell them things have changed in the 11th hour.

So how can you change the scope of your video project just like that that?

Things to Take Into Consideration

Most video companies are used to changes, even last-minute changes, and can make accommodations to grant their client’s wishes.  First, you’ll need to provide a detailed description of the changes so the video company can create a Change Order for you to approve and sign.  If you’re adding to the scope, chances are that will increase the budget.  If you’re descoping, it’s up to the video company if they want to proceed with the project.

The best time to change the scope of your project is during pre-production, when the planning it still taking place.  The earlier in pre-production the better!  It’s hard to make big changes to production while filming is taking place because production requires careful planning, organization, safety precautions, resources, and people working off a strict schedule.  If the scope change happens during pre-production, your video vendor will consult with you on best practices to accommodate the change.  Typically, the later the change is made in the process the more expensive it will be, so try to avoid scope changes during post-production.  Although as anyone in the corporate world will tell you, sometimes late-game changes are unavoidable.

Finding the right professional video team is essential so that if changes happen, chaos does not ensue.

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