What Brands Should Consider When Developing Their Next Training Video

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It goes without saying that you don’t have to be a marketing guru to know about the importance of video marketing. With 9 in 10 Americans relying on the internet to keep in touch with the world, the evidence of the importance of video content isn’t surprising.

But most businesses focus on creating the perfect promo video for their clients. They often forget that their employees are their biggest asset. Your workforce is one of the biggest factors in your company’s success.

Recruiting new talents can be difficult but training them can be even more stressful. Without proper guidance, your employees will not be able to perform their best.

This is where training videos steal the stage. A well-planned, well-written, well-executed training video can inspire new recruits, get everyone on the same page, and hone their skills, so they can perform accordingly.

But most businesses struggle when it comes to creating the perfect training videos. Are you making these common mistakes too?

Focusing on Visual Effects  

If you rely on just Hollywood-worthy visual effects, and not the content, your video will be lacking. A training video should help cover all the basics, should teach your employees about the company’s history, its work ethics, rules and regulations, and how to perform each task they are assigned.

Script is King

A poorly-written training video will defeat the purpose of making one in the first place.  Make sure to go through many revisions of the script so that it grows and evolves into the best version of itself.  Also, make sure all the various departments approve the script.  Get all eyes on it before you go into production, because changing the script after that could cost you money.

Create a Playlist

Add a Java plugin and make all the miniseries of your training videos easily accessible to employees. With just the click of a button, they should be able to search for the videos.

This allows employees to keep up with colleagues and the overall company, perform better, and make educated decisions.

An employee who knows everything they should know will become a pillar of support for your organization.

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