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Imagine yourself making an online purchase; you are not likely to click on ‘Add to Cart’ instantly, right? You conduct research on the product, compare prices, and most importantly, look for reviews or mediums highlighting customer experiences. These mediums include testimonials, reviews, written case studies, etc.

Reviews are important, but can be “faked.” Reading testimonials can get a little ambiguous at times, in terms of getting a clear insight on the products and services of the company. Written case studies are often too lengthy for people to want to read.In order to make a lasting, positive, impression on your clients, consider opting for a case study video.

What Is A Case Study Video?

As opposed to regular advertisements that highlight the products or services, case study videos share the customer experiences. Often, a case study video will tell the story of 1 customer or client. By focusing on 1 story, the viewer gets a deeper dive into their experience. The focal point of these videos is drawing attention to the practical use of a particular product and/or service, and how that product or service solved a problem.

Why Do You Need It?

Be it B2B or B2C, case study videos have become one of the most fundamental tools that have the capability to effectively overcome tough market competition. Here are some reasons to consider the integration of a case study video on your website.

To Tell A Story

Studies and research,(and even personal experiences) have shown that things explained in a story-telling format are not only relatable, but they are also highly gripping. If scripted correctly, case study videos are designed in an appealing manner to convince the customer to “Add to Cart” or pick up the phone!

To Enhance Customer Experience

In addition to being a cost effective marketing solution with a long shelf life, case study videos usually illustrate real customer experience. This makes the viewers feel that they are getting a proper and unbiased opinion from a fellow buyer, enhancing their understanding of the products and services being offered. Even better, perhaps the viewer had the same problems as the customer in the video, and now sees how the product or service being features will solve their problems.

Initially, case studies were expressed via blogs posts and PDFs. In this fast paced world, people refrain from reading detailed descriptions, especially if they have to make a quick decision regarding your products and services. A case study video, on the other hand, is not only an economical marketing collateral piece, but is also highly effective. We have created dozens of case study videos over the years.It is essential that your video production team knows how to produce engaging and informative case study videos. They also need to be highly professional, and creative, so if you’re looking for a company to help you make the best case study videos in Orange County, consider the services of 336 Productions!

It is our belief that video making should be a fun, exciting, collaborative, and an organized process. What makes us stand out from our competition is the way we approach the process and treat our clients. Our goal is to provide the best customer service, the best experience, and of course, the best videos!

Our expertise and services adhere to a variety of businesses in the industry, irrespective of the size of the business in question. Our main focus is to stand out based on creativity. Feel free to go through our portfolio! Contact us today, if you want to get started on the production of your case study video or explainer video in Orange County, or for any questions that you may have and we will be more than happy to be of assistance!

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