Corporate Video Production and Its Benefits in Today’s Business World

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Businesses need video. Every new statistic on corporate video, especially corporate video on the web, proves that. Businesses need video to communicate to consumers, sway the masses, improve their SEO and SMO, strengthen their brand, educate their employees, peak the interest of investors – just to name a few. Corporate video production has become a necessary tool for all businesses in the modern world. Studies show that people would rather watch a video than read copy with the same message. Having said all that, how does a corporation or brand make a high-quality, effective video, and how do they use it?

Video Production

First, a company needs to find the right video production company to produce their videos. The video production company team will guide the company through the process, and ensure the video meets their goals. Nowadays, there’s a corporate video production company in nearly every major city. These production companies specialize in producing videos for businesses. Many companies are surprised by the cost of video production, but they need to look at video production as an investment. Professional videos should help to grow and strengthen a business. To find a video production company in your area, it’s a good idea to turn to the Internet and search for local “video companies” or “corporate video.” Read about the companies and watch their sample videos. Once you narrow the list down to 2-3 companies, set-up a phone call or in-person meeting with them, and follow-up with the video company’s references.

Benefits of Video

Getting On Top Of Market Demands

While your business website increases your exposure to your target market, integrating it with the right tools can increase sales rates. In the past, sales letters were used to convince consumers to buy products. This has changed considerably over the years. The buying habits and trends of people are changing constantly; they have shorter attention spans now and want to get as much information as they can in as little time as possible. This makes corporate video production very useful as it helps convey your message quickly and effectively.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Does your competition use video? If not, video will give you the edge. If they do, make a better video. To help gain advantage over your competition, you could produce several, shorter videos (around 30 seconds) about your services or products. This will also help improve your brand image as you strive to compete with rivals. While creating such short videos, it is essential that you answer the needs of your target audience. In addition, this strategy, will help generate more traffic to your website.

Staying Modern

If you want your business to succeed, you need to stay current. Use the latest marketing techniques to ensure that a substantial amount of people visit your website. If you stick to the older, conventional methods, you will most likely lose your clients to a competitor. Professional, cinematic, impactful video will keep your site fresh. According to “Time spent watching video ads totaled 9.2 billion minutes, comScore reports, with this type of advertising reaching 56 percent of the total U.S. population an average of 141 times during the month.” That statistic shows the importance of marketing through online videos.

Using Professional Video Services

While it is possible for you to produce corporate videos yourself, video production is a science and an art. You need a team who understands the craft, knows how to translate your business needs to the screen, and can create a beautiful end product you can be proud of. With the popularity of video, viewers can tell if something been shot by an amateur versus a professional. Additionally, if you allow video experts to create your videos, you will benefit from their creativity and experience, and you can relax knowing your video is in the right hands.

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