Differences Between an Independent Videographer and a Professional Video Production Company

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You know you need OC, LA or Riverside video production services, but you have come across two options: hiring an independent videographer or a professional Los Angeles corporate video production company?

In order to make a calculated decision, you need to understand the differences between an independent videographer and a professional video production company. Once you realize the specifics of each of these options, making an effective decision will become easier.

“Jack of all trades, master of none”

Freelance videographers may appear to be a reasonable solution based on their cost and portfolio. It is, without a doubt, highly cost effective. However, the quality of the work is not guaranteed, since you don’t know exactly what services they are responsible for according to the work shown in their reels. For example, you might see a portion of a commercial in their reel, but they were the Production Assistant on the project and not the Director. In addition, freelance videographers may not specialize in corporate video. Corporate video may be just one of many areas they work in. Many times, they’re also working on web series, weddings, individual projects, and independent films simultaneously, which markedly reduces the quality of the work.

Quality Of Work

Depending on your requirements, it is likely that the quality of work will be your first priority. The time and effort that it takes to execute a creative concept is best left to the professionals, namely professional video production companies. You can see in their work that their quality is far superior to a freelance videographer’s work.

Services Offered

Our projects require services in all phases of production: pre, production and post. For example, we collaborate with the client on the script, making sure it reflects their brand and complies with the marketing objectives. We provide crew, cast and equipment during production. In post-production we do all the music and sound editing and mixing, color correction, editing, and animations in-house. You probably require all these services too. Each of these services require an expert to handle them and a one-man operation cannot be the best in all these areas.

Financial Stability

Production has many moving pieces and there need to be safety protocols in place to prevent injury or damage. A mistake made by an independent/inexperienced videographer can result in a monumental loss and you might end up spending more than anticipated. With a professional video production company, your budget will not suffer; a reputable one has an insurance policy and worker’s comp policy to protect you from loss.


A corporate video company uses the most advanced and modern computers and equipment to produce their videos. These resources directly affect the success and quality of the videos they produce. Video companies also handpick the cast and crew to form the strongest team, resulting in the best video.

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