Digital vs. TV Ads: Which Should You Invest In?

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The advertising industry has constantly evolved throughout the years and television advertisement has remained at the forefront for a huge chunk of it. But as consumer behavior shifts and more and more people hand out on digital forums, digital advertising has quickly become the new order of the day.

While before, advertisers used to put in the bulk of their advertising budget into broadcast TV, more marketers are foraying out into digital advertising options like Facebook ads or digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest your advertising budget into television or digital, read on.

Digital vs. TV: Cost

Traditional TV advertising is costlier than digital marketing. To get your ad on a prime spot on TV, brands sometimes even have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a 1-minute runtime. This is excluding the money for production. Plus, it can get difficult for startups to run up against established bigwigs on TV.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different options. It can be pretty inexpensive, for example, email marketing or content marketing has little to no cost. But a website revamp or an SEM campaign can cost more. Digital marketing also has more value for your money. And you can also keep track of what’s working and not with the help of digital analytics.

Digital vs. TV: Brand Exposure

When it comes to brand exposure, TV ads usually run for 3–6 months depending on the budget or campaign objectives. After that, the brand exposure ends. With a digital marketing campaign however, a well-executed one is usually self-sustaining and can give you brand exposure long after the campaign has finished. For example, a landing page with a well-produced video will be up on your website forever, converting leads.

Digital vs. TV: ROI

A big drawback for TV ads is that they don’t offer complete transparency as you don’t have to opt for performance data measurement. A business that has used $5,000 for TV advertising won’t know for sure whether it brought them $5,000 worth of sales.

Digital marketing, however, can be easily tracked and measured. Using analytics, you can see whether your campaign worked on not, whether it generated traffic, drove conversions, and brought in revenue. If your campaign is underperforming in some aspect, you’ll know the problem and you can start working on it.

While TV advertising is still a big stalwart to be considered, digital marketing is fast making its way to the top. If you’re interested in corporate video production, get in touch with us at 336 Productions.

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