Essential Crew Members: The Crew You Need for Your Corporate Video Shoot

By September 5, 2018No Comments

Video production is easy!

You got a friend who has a camera, you got the lights, and the shoot location was always going to be your home. You or your friend (s) could put on the director hat to make things work!

Right? Well, not really.  Video production done right is not easy.

If you look behind the scene, there is a whole hierarchy comprised of numerous roles that help bring together a video set to wow you to your core.

A successful video production requires team effort in order to be pulled off successfully and without a hitch. For every actor working in front of the screen, there are 10 more people working behind it.

Whether it’s an interview with b-roll or a narrative with actors, these are the key people you need behind your video production process.


A producer is responsible for initiating the project. They’re the ones that talk to the client about their goals and expectations. They’re responsible for assembling the whole production team, and keeping the production on budget. The producer stays with the project throughout pre-production, production, and post-production.


The director is responsible for making the whole thing work and giving the video an individual and creative perspective.

From requesting key crew members to getting the job done, the director is responsible for many important tasks. From extracting the best amount of talent, to making adjustments to the script, and working with the cinematographer to get the right look. They’re also responsible for technical things like camera position and settings.


The cinematographer is responsible for often handling the camera as well as the lighting. They’re tasked with making possible the scene a director envisions. Their job includes determining the right cameras, lenses, rigs, lights, filters, etc., and overseeing the crew beneath them.


A gaffer is the production’s head electrician and is responsible for designing and executing the lighting plan for the production. They do whatever is needed to ensure ideal lighting conditions that no filming gear is blocking a shot.  They also make sure lighting and grip gear are set-up safely.

Assistant Camera 

The assistant camera is tasked with pulling focus. They are responsible for keeping the gear’s batteries charged, getting the media reading, and sometimes handling the camera equipment.

Sound Mixer/Recordist

A sound mixer or recordist is the audio technician that deals with monitoring and adjusting the production’s sound levels. They are also tasked with rigging up the audio systems.

Hair and Makeup Artist

Bad makeup or hair on an actor can be quite distracting to watch and can take away from the whole process. The hair and makeup artist’s job is to get the actor’s personal appearance perfect for the role required.

Production Assistant

The PA is a sort of a general assistant to everyone on the set. They can help with grabbing gear, working the teleprompter, taking notes, or whatever else that needs to be done.

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