Hook, Line, and Sinker – Creating a Strong CTA for Your Marketing Video

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You went through many drafts of your corporate video script and it’s finally been approved by all invested parties.

But how does your video end?  Is it as strong as the open and middle? Don’t make the ending of your corporate video like an awkward goodbye to a casual acquaintance. Should you go for the let’s-get-this-over-with handshake or a mutually-awkward side-hug?

Your video needs to end with a strong call-to-action (CTA) that gives the viewer direction on what to do next if they so choose. An effective CTA doesn’t have to be sales-y or gimmicky; it can be strong and action-compelling without being any of that.

A Give and Take Process

Take the example of Netflix, the video streaming giant. Their CTA is “Join Free for a Month: Watch Anywhere, Cancel Anytime.” Now, one fear that many consumers have is what if they end up not liking the service they’re subscribing to? It’ll be a pain to cancel the service once they’ve already committed to it so better to not subscribe at all. You can successfully circumvent that problem by offering something in return for getting your customers to do business with you.

We’re All in This Together

The majority of your corporate video will be probably spent in talking about what you do, what your services are, what you can provide the client, but what about them? That is where an effective CTA comes in.

Engage your target audiences by talking about what they want and use friendly, inclusive language. Say something along the lines of “Let’s start a new project together” or “Let’s embark on this journey side by side,” something that will portray you as a great team to work with.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

The old adage rings true but, better yet why not combine the two? Action words will compel people to do what you’re asking them to. Take a hint from the ride-hailing service Uber. Their CTA is “Start riding with Uber”. They’re giving a clear direction to the user about what they have to do. Make sure your CTA includes actionable language such as “Ask us a question,” “Sign up right away,” “Watch another video,” and the like.

Creative Pop-Ups

Notice those little pop-ups on the sides at the end of a YouTube video asking the viewers to subscribe to the channel or hit the like button, and things like that? That’s another unique way of asking your customer base to do something. Creating amusing pop-ups like “Sign up now or miss out on all the fun” can entice customers into taking the action.

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