Evolution of Corporate Videos

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Ever seen a cheesy corporate video from the 90’s? You probably have, they’re still out there! They are fun to watch for all the wrong reasons. The dialogue is corny, the wardrobe is laughable, the graphics are corny, and it might have even been shot on VHS.

Then, the Internet happened and corporate video became a more and more important advertising tool. The next great jump in evolution happened when we switched from film to digital in the early 2000’s. Digital technology made cameras cheaper and easier to come by. The technologies in our industry continue to change at a rapid pace.

Here’s a table showing the differences in corporate videos produced 20 years ago and now:


90’s Video Camera


Today’s Video Cameras

* In the past, corporate videos were produced in a straightforward, non-artistic way. It was simply about relaying information (most times, in a boring way). * Now, corporate video creators think creatively about corporate videos and want the videos to not only be effective but entertaining.
* Video production used to be expensive, not every company or brand could afford to advertise using the medium. * The cost of production has gone down significantly. Even a small start up company can now afford to have a video made about their company, service or product.
* Videos were produced under the guidance and supervision of the sales or marketing team of the company. * Today, not only do the sales and marketing departments initiate video projects, but so do many other departments, as they see they need for video expanding beyond just a sales tool.
* There weren’t many distribution options: Videos were played on TV channels, at trade shows or internally. They were also only available as hard copies (VHS or DVD). * Now, the distribution options are practically limitless.Not only can companies use hard copies, but they can embed the digital copy of their video online, in many places and ways.
* Conceptually, most corporate videos were the same: a company spokesperson or actor would speak to camera about the topic and there would be b-roll showing the subject. Pretty bland. * Corporate videos are cool! B2B videos and B2C videos can be funny, sweet, dramatic – totally watching and moving. There’s no end to the creative concepts video companies are coming up with.
* The video production process was a long one. * Nowadays, videos are shot and completed at a much faster rate.
* Corporations usually produced 1, maybe 2 videos in a single year. * Some larger corporations produce dozens of videos a year. Medium size companies will produce anywhere from 3-12 a year.
* Companies were mainly creating videos to show employees. * Businesses will not only create videos for their employees, but will also create videos for consumers and other businesses.
* The purposes video served were very few;advertisements, presentations and instructional. * There are literally dozens of uses for video, and types of videos. And the list keeps growing!

The evolution of corporate videos has been beneficial for both companies and customers. Brands have many different ways to reach their audiences and the customers can get more comprehensive information about their favorite brands.

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