Experiencing Writer’s Block? Here’s Why You Need Professional Scriptwriting

By January 17, 2018No Comments

Concepts. Notions. Ideas. Thoughts.

Call them whatever you want but one thing is certain —ideas often hit us when we least expect them.

Just imagine this scenario: you’re in a meeting, trying to focus on what your boss is trying to say. All of a sudden they ask everyone to pitch in their ideas.

“What do you think?” is the dreaded question that he or she asks, looking towards you. Pin-drop silence. All eyes are on you. Yes, what do you think? The truth is, sometimes in those moments, you can’t think of anything!

A couple of hours later, you’re back home. You’re brushing your teeth, when all of a sudden, BAM! An idea strikes! And it’s a good one!

“That’s what I should have said” is the thought that crosses your mind. But unfortunately, it’s too late.

As funny as it sounds, we’ve all been in this situation before. Need ideas when working on an essay? You won’t get one until a week later. Boss asks for a funny campaign in a meeting?  It comes later when driving home. Arrgh!

If you’re struggling with creativity and writing when it comes to video scripts, here’s why you need to hire a professional scriptwriter:

They Have Years of Experience 

Yes, this is a no-brainer but it’s important to consider. Really. Years of experience means they’ve homed in on the methods needed to brainstorm. They have dealt with all kinds of people, watched all kinds of videos (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and know what to do and what to avoid.

They’re the best at what they do best. They know what type of storyline will work for a video campaign because they have worked for several similar brands.

They Are the Unsung Heroes of the Marketing World  

The backup dancers and singers of the world are almost never recognized as they should be, especially if their contribution made the song or music video a success. It’s also true for the musicians on an album; these are people who are the unsung heroes of the music industry.

Scriptwriters are similar. They are the genus behind the dialogue, the tone, and the marketing effectiveness of a video. The witty one-liners, the ingenious way something complicated is explained simply, and the way they make a company’s origin story emotional; they are the genius behind all of these.

Let’s Just Face It…

…They know what they’re doing! Concepts and ideas need to be developed. It’s an entire process. It takes time, dedication, and patience to achieve your video marketing goals. Why not let a professional handle all the stressful parts while you focus on building your brand?

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