Visuals, Powerful Storylines, and Other Nitty Gritties of Successful Video Content

By January 17, 2018No Comments

One of the worst things about ideas is that they often never come to us when we need them. Whether you’re sitting in a café with friends, or trying to focus your attention on a presentation during a meeting, ideas always strike us when we least expect them.

It’s frustrating but some of the best ideas always come at the most random moments. But once they do, they fill us with the urge to work on something new, something powerful, and something that leaves a lasting impression on others. Sometimes you need a buzz or a nudge, such as a deadline, to get you started.

But an idea is just an idea until you make it come to life. You can bring it to life with a video team that can translate your idea to screen.

Coming up with an impressive concept isn’t child’s play. But with a few measures, you can cook up something compelling, engaging, and incredible in no time. Here’s what you can do:

It Takes Time

Even the most amazing film directors took their time transforming an idea into an Oscar-worthy film. From Citizen Kane, to Jaws, and Dunkirk, some of the best films took months and years to make it to the big screen. Depending on the scope, corporate videos and promos can also take months of pre-production.

And directors don’t go it alone. Producers, Writers, Production Designers, and Cinematographers all work together in pre-production to flesh out an idea and work out production logistics.  

During pre-production, you will be experimenting with ways to execute a concept. Don’t shy away from taking a risk and discussing new notions with your team. The client and video team will work together to hammer out all the production details.

Follow the Latest Trends

The hallmark of a successful brand is that it keeps up with the times! Follow the latest trends, whether they’re memes or recent award-winning movies. Take inspiration from them and see how you can mold them into attention-worthy concepts.

For example, many commercials have borrowed ideas from movie scenes. Whether it’s a scene from Fight Club’s advertising speech, or a parody film commercial like the Chevrolet James Bond one, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found everywhere.

Stray From the Norm

Pick a standard idea and experiment with it. How about reversing gender roles? That seems like a fun idea! Perhaps your products are cooking utensils. Show a busy, hard-working mom-of-four come home tired and exhausted from a stressful day at work. In the next scene, she is greeted by her four kids who have made a special card for her.

While enjoying the time she spends with her kids, she is greeted by her husband, who has been equally busy, doing all the housework and tending to the kids. Show how your cooking utensils or detergent has helped make everything easier for him.

You can even focus on how it helps the busy, working mom. Don’t stick to the norm, think outside the box.

Hire a Pro to Take Care of Things

If it’s time to hire a video vendor for your company’s next video hire a professional video production house to take care of everything.

From birthing ideas, to taking care of the technical details, a professional knows how to communicate with clients and bring their brilliant ideas to life. From resources to tools and powerful storylines, a professional video company can help you create the perfect video campaign!

336 Productions is such a company. Helping businesses reach out to a wider audience and tackle the challenges of video marketing, we offer exclusive services in Orange County, for all your video content woes! Feel free to call us at (888) 440-5830 to learn more!