Holiday Videos Instead of Holiday Company Greeting Cards

By January 8, 2016No Comments

The holidays are over…back to work, but you might need to clean Holiday Videos Instead of Holiday Company Greeting Cardssome of the holiday décor off your desk still. Did you get any holiday cards from other companies or vendors, or any e-greetings? Chances are you did, but did you see any holiday videos? You might have noticed that some companies are using holiday greeting videos instead of greeting cards. These videos serve as a fun and festive way to wish employees and clients a happy holiday season. Holiday videos are still pretty unique so they stand out; They’re a great way to get your messages out as it’s dynamic and entertaining, and along with the right production partner, creation is a breeze!


Why Do A Holiday Greeting Video?

Most likely, your company has been sending out greeting cards since its inception. For some companies, that means decades of greeting cards. It’s time to try something new. Enter video greetings. Holiday videos (AKA Video Greetings) are short videos created for use during the holiday season for companies to send to their customers or clients. They may post the videos on YouTube or their website. If you have been through our earlier posts, you probably know how videos offer a personal feeling compared to static text and graphics. Holiday Videos allow your company to make a memorable impression and it’s a great opportunity to show off the brand in a holiday atmosphere.

Here are a few tips that can help you make the perfect holiday greeting videos next season:

Make Them Lighthearted and Fun

The holiday season gives you a chance to portray your brand in a more casual and personal manner. Remember to make your video personal and fun or sentimental. Depending on your business offerings, this may be challenging for you, but take a shot at it. You can also include your own employees, highlighting their personalities. Maybe have them throw out a personal holiday greeting or make it more fun by asking them to talk about the worst holiday greeting card they have ever received.

Make It Campaign Oriented

Make a conscious decision on how you are going to approach this before coming up with a script and stepping into production. Do you want to incorporate a product launch into the video or mention a promotion? There’s no rule not to. You can absolutely built these into the script in a natural way.

Remember To Publish Your Videos Early Enough

The primary aim of your holiday greeting video is to get an Remember To Publish Your Videosaudience, right? When posting greeting videos, remember that many of the audience members will take off to see their loved ones earlier in the holiday season. Start production of the video in Late Summer or Early Fall. Play it safe by preferably starting off your holiday greeting campaign in Early December. Don’t forget to distribute it as widely as possible so that you can reach out to a wider audience. After all, ‘tis the season for sharing!

Oh, and don’t forget to put in light, not too sales-y call-to-actions to make the most of them! Whether you are looking for holiday greeting videos or sales videos in Orange County, give us a call today to learn how we can add life to your ideas!