Project Spotlight: Intense Lighting

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Intense Lighting, headquartered in Anaheim, CA, is recognized for The Rebranding Move Why They Chose USits sustainable lighting product. As an award-winning company, they have managed to establish a reputation for themselves with their wide range of highly innovative and energy efficient lighting products. The company allows customers to choose from tracked lights, LED down lights, and recessed multiples. Along with interior lighting, Intense Lighting also offers a number of outdoor lighting products for residential and commercial use. Many of their products are used to light up billboards, landscapes, and other outdoor commercial settings.

The Rebranding Move: Why They Chose Us…

Intense Lighting has recently been going through a rebrand. The company needed a creatively designed brand video that could showcase their latest line of products and the newly designed facility in Anaheim. With its growing team of product engineers and the never ending product research and development, this was a much needed step to put Intense Lighting at the front of the The Rebranding Movemarket.

The company considered a number of corporate video companies for their brand video in Orange County and LA for one that could create the perfect video. They chose to work with us because we understood their goals, collaborated with their very creative team, and provided outstanding customer support throughout the entire video production process. As we have a long track record of producing high quality, award winning product videos for a number of different brands, we knew we could deliver precisely what Intense Lighting was looking for.

What We Did…

What We DidIntense Lighting already had a the concept and a storyboard, so we took the storyboard and infused our creativity into it. We had several pre-production meetings at Intense to tour the facility and meet with the marketing team who was in charge of the video project. One of the main goals of the video was to show off their modern, state-of-the-art facility, so we tech scouted the location with our cinematographer and discussed unique ways to capture the goings-on. The video shows the office and manufacturing departments in motion where different types of lights are being assembled. At the same time, the creative lighting in the facility made up for some amazing shots!

To close the video, we also showed many of Intense Lighting’s projects using motion graphics. Production was completed within 1.5 days, with post-production lasting a few weeks, and the results have been excellent! Intense Lighting has also created an awesome micro-website for the video which you can view here. The YouTube video has already secured almost 1,000 views and 130 likes which is a perfect start.

If you are looking for product videos that don’t just highlight your product line but give an accurate voice to your brand while inspiring viewers, give us a call at 336 Productions. We have a number of creative ideas that will suit your brands precisely!