How To Create a YouTube Video That Gets Views

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You have the perfect title down, you’ve added all the right tags and descriptions, you’ve been promoting it like crazy, your video is certifiably hilarious, yet the number of views wouldn’t dare inch past ten. It can be pretty crushing to pour all your heart and soul into creating a great YouTube video and not having it get the views it deserves.

No doubt, YouTube is a great place to market your business. With over 1 billion hours of videos watched on YouTube daily, those are great numbers to be ignored. But surprisingly, only 9% of small US businesses use YouTube for marketing. Fortunately, this gives you all the more chances to stand out.

Read on to for some tips and tricks to get some well-deserved views.

Insert Annotations Throughout Videos

YouTube video annotations are those occasional “Thumbs Up” or “Subscribe” text bubbles that pop up during a video. These annotations are a great way of increasing your YouTube video’s views even more. You can also hyperlink the annotations to take viewers to another video or to your channel to encourage more views.

Create Playlists

Many YouTube marketers don’t realize the potential of playlists. A playlist is a group or series of videos that play in order, one after another. For example, if you have a product, you can upload several videos related to that product and put them in a unified playlist. So when viewers search for one video, they can have access to the whole playlist. Since playlist videos play automatically one after the other, your views can increase across your channel.

Get More Subscribers

Subscribers are the best way to get more views on each new video. After all, people who’ve subscribed to your channel are actually interested in listening to what you have to say. They’ll be automatically notified whenever you upload new content. The more subscribers you have, the more views you’ll get.

Create Topical Content

People are interested in watching what’s trending or what’s relevant today. Make sure you’re creating content for what’s trending right now. It could be a video about a viral meme, or a parody review of some popular movie that’s just come, or it could be anything related to the current news, etc. This will mean your video will wind up on the sidebar or recommended video lists of popular related videos.

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