The Top Video Hosting Platforms For Video Marketing

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Videos have been dominating the online world for years now; in fact, video marketing has become a necessary tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. With 87% of online marketers creating video content, and 51% of those marketers attributing videos with the best ROI, video content is indispensable.

While planning your own video marketing strategy, the first thing you’ll have to think about is finding a video hosting site. Once you’re done creating, editing, and producing your video, you’re going to need a place to upload it.

Modern video hosting sites are more than just a place for your video to be uploaded on. Many sites even offer you options for customization and other features to ensure your video runs smoothly across all devices.

Here are some of the internet’s top video hosting platforms.


YouTube is, undoubtedly, the biggest video giant out there. It’s also owned by one of the biggest search engines in the world, which makes it even better when it comes to hosting marketing videos.

You can upload videos for free and you’ll have access to basic editing and other features. But you’ll also have ads displayed either before or during your video. YouTube is an excellent platform if you want to reach out to a bigger audience.


Facebook has emerged as another sizeable video hosting platform. The social platform allows you to upload videos and host them natively on the site. A big benefit of hosting videos on Facebook is that marketers can upload up to 240 minutes of videos online. Marketers can also use Facebook ads to get their videos out to their target audience.


Vimeo is another popular video hosting site. A major benefit of Vimeo is that it’s automatically ad-free and multi-device compatible. There’s also no limit on duration or file size. Plus, they have many attractive monthly plans for users to choose from. While Vimeo’s viewing community isn’t as big as YouTube’s, it has more niche communities that are interested in watching professional content.


Dailymotion too offers paid and free user accounts, as well as partner programs for greater exposure and ad revenue. While YouTube has a more in-your-face ad model, Dailymotion ads just subtly play at the end of the video. Files of up to 60 minutes can be uploaded on the site, but there are limited analytics available.

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