How To Create An Educational Video That’ll Resonate

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Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist put forward the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. This theory later developed into the general understanding that students learn using different ways. Some may be better at retaining information through listening, some by touch, while others may need visual stimuli, i.e. videos.

Educational Videos And Their Incredible Benefits In The Classroom

This is why video content has largely replaced textbooks in the classroom, because teachers who make use of educational videos report an increase in information retention, far better understanding of concepts, and an enthusiastic outlook in regards to what is being taught.

Other benefits of using education videos in the classroom are;

  • They cater to a wide variety of learning needs.
  • Can be used to present any type of subject matter.
  • Can be made in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Can reduce learning seat time.

Preparing An Engaging Educational Video Requires Time And Effort

While preparing any educational material requires time and effort, you mustn’t forget to add the costs of educational video production. Can you create an educational video that’ll resonate well with your target audience? More than likely, you don’t have the video crew and capabilities to produce a professional and engaging video, let alone the time!

Proper planning is very important when it comes to an educational video production. The better prepared you’re, the easier the entire process will be. 336 Productions, an Orange County based video production company, offers the following things to consider:

Hire The Experts Or Become One

One surefire way of engaging your audience is by maintaining good quality throughout the educational video. The sound and graphics in the video need to be top notch. Your target audience doesn’t want to see a video with poor recording or bad acting so make sure the talent and equipment used to make the video is high quality.

Keep The Video Concise

The best idea is to break up a long lecture into a few shorter videos. Humans have a short attention span (one second shorter than goldfish!) and we tend to learn more in small chunks of information.

Make The Video Interactive

A boring lecture or video presentation will cause your audience to lose interest or worse, fall asleep. The trick is to make the video more interactive and less boring. Your audience will appreciate an educational video that’s set in a more conservational and relatable tone with some real life examples thrown in.

Ensuring that your audience gets the right or intended message or information from the educational video can be difficult. Ensure your video project is of the best quality and employ professional educational video production services.

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