Watch Out For These 2016 Online Video Trends

By June 28, 2016No Comments

By now, you may have come across a number of different articles, blogs and friends who tell you that Video Trendsvideo content has finally taken over.

But what does it really mean for your company?

Why are the pros (like us) stressing about creating professional videos so much? What’s the fuss about it and how is it going to help with business growth and development?

At 336 Productions, we have put together some stats that will immediately ring alarms about the importance of having video content. Here is what you need to know about video trends in 2016:

Viewer behavior is evolving – watch out!

  • Nearly 45% of all videos viewed on mobile devices were shorter than 6 minutes.
  • While 65% viewers watched videos that were longer than 30 minutes on their connected televisions, 81% still preferred sticking to videos that were shorter than 10 minutes.
  • Back in 2014, tablet users spent 23% of their daily time watching videos that lasted up to 60 minutes.
  • Viewers watched videos 29% longer in cold weather; in warmer weather, they watched six times more video content on their smart phones and tabs.

Customers look forward to video content

  • Each minute, more than 48 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube.
  • It is estimated that within the next two years, more than 69% of all online traffic will come from video content.

Customers are switching between devices to watch video content

  • This year, more than half of all videos will be viewed on mobile devices.
  • By 2018, more than 70% of all viewers in the U.S. will watch videos on their tablets.
  • At the start of 2015, 20% of all videos were being viewed and shared through mobile devices.

Video advertising has taken overVideo advertising

  • The average click-through-rate (CTR) is the highest for video compared to all other digital advertisement formats.
  • Revenue generated from online ads will rise sharply in the coming years ($12.82 billion expected in 2018).
  • Almost half of the viewers suggest that video ads shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds.

The numbers are too significant to overlook

The takeaway? Video has taken over and is here to stay. If you still haven’t developed a sound video content marketing strategy, now is the time. Don’t know where to start?

Get in touch with us at 336 Productions and explore our previous projects along with the exciting strategies we have in store to put you on the fast track to video content success!