As the name suggests, motion graphics is the integration of animation into graphic design that might be otherwise static. It often also involves the addition of audio narration.

The world of video marketing has changed drastically after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to thrive in this industry, you need to be more agile while strategizing your content.

Motion graphics have proven to be very efficient in driving traffic in both long and short video content. More than 83% of marketers have claimed that video content increases customer engagement.

336 Productions is an award-winning video agency in Orange County that offers motion graphics services and more.

Motion graphics make your content more entertaining and easier to understand. They also helps catch your reader’s eye.

Now that we know what motion graphics are and why they’re so important, here are five ways you can integrate them into content marketing to boost your engagement rate and reach:

Social Media GIFs

GIFs have become a HUGE part of every social media platform. It would make perfect sense to add them to your marketing content arsenal.

Social media animated GIFs easily capture the attention of readers. They can also make your brand’s content more enjoyable and relatable.

Animated Logos

One way to spruce up your brand content is to add motion to the logos, event booths and even email signatures. Animated logos are a great way to pique your target audience’s interest in your brand. Motion graphic logos are also an effective brand awareness tool.

Animated Explainer Videos

If you want to share about your brand’s origin or are looking for fun ways to highlight a new product or service, explainer videos are a great way to do that! Explainer videos can clarify complex ideas and concepts in a fun and enjoyable way.

You can either upload these videos on YouTube, your website or have the sales team use them when working with the clients.

Social Media Ads

Motion graphics are great alternatives for full-length videos that you make by hiring creative video agencies. Motion graphics ads are not only cost-effective but are also more attractive than traditional ads.

Motion Infographics

Infographics are already a fun way to present information. Adding motion graphics and animation to the mix can create an entirely different content experience for your audience.

Moving or animated elements on an infographic are more likely to catch the readers’ eye, so it’s best to incorporate them near the information that needs the most attention. Infographics are also inexpensive and more enjoyable in contrast to video marketing content.

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