You may be new to the video production industry or may have just started film school! Regardless of the situation, putting together your equipment and gear is one of the most exciting parts of video production and filmmaking.

Embedding videos in your website and emails can easily increase the conversion rates by 80%. Reports also reveal that two-thirds of social media users engage with brands that use video content.

336 Productions is a professional video production company in Orange County that can assist your project from conception to completion using efficient workflows and the newest equipment.

In today’s highly competitive videography world, those who get their equipment and tools right win! Have a look at our checklist of video production equipment that will help you get started with your journey.

Camera—The Centerpiece of your Filmmaking Gear

Choosing the right camera is the most vital part of the process. To get started, you can either use your phone’s camera or a DSLR or mirrorless camera for better quality. High-quality cameras have the capacity of recording in 6K or even 8K.

If you have a limited budget, you can begin with investing in a mid-range DSLR like Canon EOS M50.

A Tripod—For your Camera’s Stabilization

A tripod is a necessary production tool that’ll help you record steadily, making your video seem professional. Use a tripod with a fluid head to get better results.

Camera Lights—For that Nice Pop of Light

Watching a video that’s poorly lit can be very distracting, so you’re more likely to skip it. But getting your camera lighting right is not an easy task. Before deciding, consider the different types of lights, e.g., background light, shadows, and foreground.

External Microphone

Although most cameras come along with great audio pick-ups, a shotgun microphone separates pros from amateurs.

A shotgun microphone is perfect for commercial video production. It can be easily set on top of the camera while shooting.

Memory Cards

You will also need to invest in high-quality memory cards or flash drives, depending on your camera. If you’re planning to go pro, you’ll need a memory card (with over 64 GB capacity or more) with high read and write speeds.

Dummy Batteries—A Game Changer

Dummy batteries are very affordable and very useful professional video equipment. They can help you plug your camera into the wall socket without worrying about the battery life. Using dummy batteries can increase the video production speed drastically.

A Camera Bag

Now that you have all the above gears, you’ll definitely need a bag to put all those in. Preferably a weatherproof and sturdy one! Pick one that fits your needs best.

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