Important Video Metrics You Should be Measuring

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It’s become pretty clear over the years that when it comes to effective customer engagement, video is the way to go. If you’re already incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, good job! If you haven’t, now’s a good time to start. Videos are more popular and widespread than ever before and businesses are effectively leveraging the benefits of video marketing.

But while you may be using video in some way or another, it’s not enough to just put videos out there. You need to be measuring the success of your video as well. By looking at your video metrics, you’ll have an idea of what’s sticking with your target audience and what’s a miss.

Here are the important video metrics you should be measuring.

View Count

This is the simple yet most effective metric of all. It tells you the amount of times your video has been watched. The views indicate the reach of your video. The higher your view count, the more people are watching your video and getting your brand message. So you should look into tracking your views and getting them to increase.

Play Rate 

Play rate is the percentage of the viewers who actually clicked your video and watched it. This is a valuable metric for measuring how enticing your video is to the viewers. The more vibrant and eye-catching your video will be, the more viewers will be tempted to click play.


Engagement is one of the best ways of measuring the quality of your video. Engagement rate shows how much of the videos the viewers watched. Whether they watched all the way through, re-watched it, stopped midway and clicked off, engagement tells you all. This is especially helpful in learning about what parts of the video are effective at engaging customers and which parts you should look into improving.

Social Shares

This will be a familiar metric. Social sharing depicts the number of times viewers have shared your video across social platforms. Social sharing leads to more views for your videos and it also means you video is appealing enough to the audience for them to share it. This also brings your brand greater awareness.

Click-Through Rate

Another important metric to measure is the CTR percentage of your video. If viewers are clicking on whatever CTA you’ve put at the end of the video, this means your video has been successful enough to drive the viewers to take action.

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