Video Benchmarks That Have Upped the Game

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It’s no secret that video is big; customers are connecting to marketing videos and as a result, to brands, like never before. Videos are inherently more information-rich and engaging than articles or PDFs could ever be. Plus, they’re way easier to analyze and that’s a big plus when it comes to determining what works and what doesn’t.

With videos, marketers can see which parts the viewers have watched, re-watched, skipped, and analyzing these gives marketers valuable insight into consumer behavior. In fact, data yielded from video marketing in the past year has made for some really insightful benchmarks.

 Read on to find out how these insights are reshaping the video marketing scene.

Video Publishing Saw An 83% Increase

Businesses are publishing an average of 33 videos per month. That’s a staggering 83% increase from 2017, during which only 18 videos were published every month. This owes to the high ROI videos can bring for business. If this rate keeps up, businesses will have double the size of videos in their marketing arsenal over the next few years.

Video Is Being Used On Unconventional Channels As Well

Many businesses today are using videos on unconventional channels that hadn’t been used in the past. For instance, businesses are embedding videos on their website’s landing pages. This strategy saw an increase from 49% in 2017 to 60% in 2018. Since video production tools have become more available, videos are being used in more places than they used to be.

75% of Videos Run Less Than 2 Minutes

This may not be that surprising since our social media feeds are full of short, snappy videos. Consumers love videos that are to the point and deliver more useful information in less time. Almost 75% of video content online is under two minutes long. This is a considerable jump from the year before, in which only 56% of videos were short-form.

89% of Marketing Videos Are Watched From Desktops

While making videos mobile-friendly is a must for all marketers, a large chunk of business videos—89% to be precise—are still viewed from desktops while a measly 11% were watched from smartphones and mobile devices.

Big or Small, Everyone’s Using Video

Videos are no longer the territory of big brands; smaller businesses are making just as effective use of video content, if not more. Since a lot of start-ups usually tend to produce their content on their own and have less lengthy production cycles, more and more small businesses are using video content to stand out.

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