Improve your YouTube Video’s Search Rank

By August 29, 2014No Comments

You hired a professional production company to make your product video. It looks great, and you’re excited to unleash it. It’s going on your website, of course, but you’re also going to put it on YouTube. Before you push the upload button, make sure you optimize your video so it will reach your audience. If you promote your video well there, you will receive a better ROI. Here are some steps with which you can improve the search result rank of your YouTube video:

* Before you start the improvement process, you will need to do some research on the relevant and popular keywords for your video. Keep your clients in mind when doing the research, so you can find the ones that your target audience is likely to search for. Search YouTube for similar products and services, and see how they’ve titled their video, what the description says, and what keywords they’ve used.

* Upload your video onto YouTube. You have to write a keyword rich, catchy, title for your video. Add a geo-specific keyword for higher search relevance. For example, if we posted a video for us on our services, we’d say “Corporate Video Services in Orange County”

* Write an interesting description for the video. The description needs to have keywords in it, but it should also capture the attention of the viewers and make them want to watch the video. It is the first thing the viewers see when they search for the relevant keywords, so it has to be great. You can use persuasive language to entice the viewers to click on your video’s link.

* YouTube has the option of adding tags to the videos. This also presents an opportunity to add more keywords to your video. Tags allow your video to be easily searchable on YouTube.

* Some viewers like to perform specific searches for the videos they are looking for. So, it is important that you put your video in the right category on YouTube.

* You have to get the ball rolling on getting views and comments on your video. Ask friends and colleagues to view the video and comment. Search engines will rate your video as being relevant, if there is a discussion going on about it.

Keep your eye on the video views from day 1, and through the years. It’s important to understand which videos do better than others and why, and the analytics can help you understand.