Set Safety

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Set safety is hugely important. Companies working with video production companies may not think about set safety or ever inquire about it, but they should. There are many moving pieces on a set, and sadly, many production companies do not operate in a safe way, and some are not even insured. For the reputation of the company, and their liability, it’s important they understand set safety. On top of the video company having the appropriate insurance policy and worker’s comp, they should have strict set safety rules. Here are some of ours:

The responsibility of cast and crew’s safety falls on the shoulders of people who are incharge of the production set. The director, producer, production coordinator, assistant director, production manager or any department head that is designated as head of set safety, it is on them to take all the precautions and make sure that their crew has a safe working environment.

* The cast crew should be given all the necessary safety information about the job they are performing. This usually happens first thing on set, through an announcement to cast and crew. Additionally, cast and crew should be trained to take safeguards to protect themselves from any injury.

* Equipment safety should be observed religiously. Most accidents on the set happen because of misuse or incorrect use of equipment.

* All equipment should be properly staged, and only handled by crew members trained in its use.

* A first aid kit and fire extinguisher should always be on set.

* The crew should be informed of any possible dangers in and around the set.

* They should also be encouraged to inform the department heads about any hazards that they observe.

* If there is hazardous material present in or around the set, the crew should be made aware of it before they take up their respective jobs.

* Any new personnel should be trained vigorously on the safety procedures.

* Crew members should wear proper set attire. In our case, it’s a 336 shirt and close toed shoes.

* The call sheet will have directions and the phone number to the nearest ER.

* If an injury occurs, the injured person should be brought to an emergency room for a checkup; even if the injury seems superficial.

Crew should be encouraged to report any deviation from the guidelines from any other member of the crew.

If the proper procedures are followed and safety equipment is used, any type of set can be safe for all the cast and crew working on it.