Improving Video ROI: The Guide to Improving Your Video Marketing Strategy

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You’ve finally done it! #Congratulations! You got the budget approved, hired a video company, brainstormed concepts, went through all the stages of video making, uploaded the video to your website and social media channels, and it’s a hit!  The analytics are beyond what you expected!

(**Record scratch sound**)

Don’t you just wish it were that simple?

Video marketing is still relatively new but every brand is jumping on the opportunity to use it to reach their target audience. Previously, brands relied on TV commercials, billboards, live marketing and posters to get the job done.

But now marketing is taking a digital form and the possibilities are endless. And so are competitors.

How do you reach out to your audience without breaking the bank and blending into the crowd?

Determine What You Want to Accomplish…


…And for whom? What is your goal? What are your weekly or monthly targets? Where do you see the campaign going? What does success look like to you?   What is the core purpose of your marketing strategy? You need to answer these questions in order to know if you’ve accomplished what you set out to.

  • The Purpose of The Video:

Is it going to be explainer video, a corporate video, or a case study? Do you want to create something that inspires and educates your potential customers, or a video that increases sales of a certain product?

Who is the video for? Partners? Clients? Employees? All of these are important factors to take into consideration. This way, you’ll be able to create your content accordingly.

  • What Will Your Audience Learn?

This is a great question because the answer will influence the outline and script.  Even if you just bullet-point what you hope the audience learns about your company or product, this can be used as a blue print when writing the script.

  • What Type of Video are You Producing?

Are creating a B2B video or a B2C video? This will help determine what you should be working on.

For example: if you’re a B2B firm, you offer services like “HR”, “products”, “internal and external communication”, “sales and support” and others.

After you identify your scope, think about what type of videos you want to create. Some popular options include, but are not limited to:

  • Webinars
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Corporate Culture Videos
  • Informercials
  • Marketing Videos

Last but not least, before you write the script, make sure to hire a video production service that can help you bring your vision to life.

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