In the Spotlight: Brands with Exceptional Video Marketing Strategies

By August 31, 2018No Comments

Every successful video marketing campaign requires a blend of creativity and critical thinking to get their pitch across just right. These vary brand to brand, company to company, but there are a few strategies that are bound to make your videos go viral for the right reasons.

Stories Over Sales

Of course, sales are a crucial part of a brand’s marketing campaign, but they don’t have to be the most crucial part.


Many brands often use the art of storytelling and nostalgia in their videos to give life to what they’re selling.

In these videos, the story takes the front seat and the sales and marketing messages are subtly incorporated. Remember Apple’s advertisement in 2016 featuring the beloved sweet-toothed Cookie Monster?

The ad struck a chord with the audience as everyone’s favorite Muppet took over to become the voice of the video, adding a personal element to it. The best video content makes the viewer feel connected to it in some way, and Apple did just that.

First Impressions

You know what they say; first impressions are important. In this case, it’s the first few seconds of your video that set the tone for what’s to follow.

Studies have shown that the average human attention span lasts for just 8.5 seconds. That’s 8.5 seconds to make an impression that keeps the viewer tuned in! By the time your video reaches this time span, your viewers have already decided whether or not they’re going to continue watching the rest of it.

The last thing you would want to do is delay the purpose of the video with boring and unnecessary footage at the beginning. The opening few seconds is where you must convince the viewer that watching the video will be worthwhile.

Gary Vaynerchuk uses a hook at the start of his videos to give a preview of what’s coming up next. Strategies like these help brands and influencers in gathering the interests of their audiences. The first few seconds of your video is where you make your story come to life. Use them wisely!

Catchy Content

Re-watch some of your favorite clips of advertisements and you’ll realize it’s not what they’re selling that has your eyes glued to the screen, but how they’re going about it.

Take a look at the Dollar Shave Club, for example.  Their launch video had us in fits with the type of cheeky content they used to sell their seemingly boring product.

It was exactly this kind of marketing strategy used in their follow-up videos that helped the company gain over 3 million subscribers and boost sales tremendously. Doing so, the Dollar Shave Company sent across a message loud and clear: DON’T be afraid to bring out your whacky side and get creative.

The product is only as boring as you make it out to be in your video. The key is to make it as unique and relevant as possible. Ready, set, action!

As amazing as these marketing strategies may be, a brand’s video is only as good as its  video production company. An often-repeated error is companies not investing in a professional video-making crew and hiring amateurs.

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