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Getting your airline brand noticed by the right audience is getting sales videos Orange Countymore and more challenging each day. The competition is intense, to say the least. Traditional promotional tactics just won’t cut it. That’s where video marketing comes in. 80% of Internet users recall watching a video advertisement on a website they had visited in the past 30 days; 46% of them responded to it. In addition to that,according to a Forrester Research, videos were 50 times more likely to gain SEO ranking than text pages.

Today, airlines have latched onto the incredible potential of video marketing as a tool for promotion. But it is more than that. How do you breathe life into your airline brand, and get your videos out there and noticed by your target audience? The key is creativity and innovation. Here are some tips!

Crank up the Humor In Safety Videos

The world is a jaded place, and in the midst of it all, your average safety video often goes ignored. How do you mange to spark interest into something like that? There are some airlines that have revolutionized these often mind-numbing videos, by infusing a sense of humor. Today, the airline safety content uploaded to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other major video platforms has increased by 80 percent! Impressive, right?What has brought about this change?

The focus has now shifted from simply “informing” passengers to “entertaining” them as well.Of course the main purpose of these videos is to educate passengers in-flight on safety, but these humorous instructional video scan award you with tremendous exposure online.Just take a look at Delta’s video, The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet,Westjet’s Christmas Miracle, or the Turkish Airlines’ Selfie Shootout– all went viral.

Add A Local Flavor

So, every other airline is the “official choice for a global experience”. More or less.You need to set yourself apart. What factors make your airline different from the next one? Sometimes, when you truly want to go global, you may have to come back to your roots. Go local. Highlight that traditional, cultural flavor that appeal to people. The world is one global village. Take a look at what Emirates has done in this amazing video.


Inspire –The “You Matter” Strategy

Loyal passengers are not attracted by cheap rates alone. They stick because they feel valued, special, and a part of something that’s much bigger than just flying. Focus on selling an experience, like no other, rather than a seat on a plane. Create a video that connects with the audience on an emotional level. When you touch upon an emotional chord, you make a lasting impression that cannot be usurped by your competitors.

Promotional videos are powerful enough to take your brand to the next level! If you are looking to make a branded video for your airline business, 336 Productions should be your first choice. With a deeper understanding of corporate videos, we use our extensive experience, commitment and creativity to excel in making sales videos in Orange County. In addition to that, we also offer event videos, commercials, explainer videos, and much more. Call us today, at (888) 440-5830.

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