Video Testimonials: Getting the Right One

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The importance of video testimonials

Competition continues to increase among businesses and, as an effect of that, businesses continuously try to capture and re-capture the attention of their target market, including their prospective and current clients.

Different firms try different strategies to show the public how their services are better than their competitors, but this often leads to companies over-selling or hard-selling their services or products. This has a negative impact on the customers.

Even though this is a common practice by marketing professionals, sometimes talking too much about how great the company is and how big its achievements has a negative effect on people. And if the praise is always coming from somewhere internal, and with great frequency, people start to tune out.

A particularly effective method of convincing potential clients of the value of the company is through video testimonials. This is because when the validation of services comes from customers themselves, other people are more likely to believe them. Moreover, video testimonials can be far more engaging and convincing than written testimonials. This is because they show the emotions and the personal connection that the customer has with the company.

The right way to get video testimonials

When companies endeavor to capture video testimonials, they usually have two options.

The first option is capturing a testimonial at an event. Here, the producer or crew member will approach people in an engaging and friendly way, asking them about the services of the company and capturing their experiences.

The second option is capture a testimonial in a situation where the subject knows they will be speaking on camera. Usually, this happens as part of a larger project, like a case study video.

Both types present different challenges for the producer.If a company decides to go with the first option, the likelihood of getting the “perfect” testimonial decreases. People may simply not be that interested in answering questions, or may not give appropriate or adequate answers due to time constraints or nerves. A good way to handle this is to delegate the job of speaking to the subject to the most people-friendly producer.

This task involves the skills of a person who can easily talk to people, engage them in a conversation that doesn’t bore or annoy them, make them feel comfortable, and ask them relevant questions.

With set-up video testimonials, the important thing is to not let the anxiety of the participants show. However, at the same time, it is advisable that the testimonials are not too robotic. Capturing the natural responses of the participants is a particularly important aspect of ensuring an effective and impactful video testimonial.

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