Is YouTube The Future Of Effective Video Content Marketing?

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Video is now being seen as the future for businesses as their online marketing strategy. Why? It’s an even more efficient and effective content strategy that is also very easy to utilize.

But many businesses fail to realize that the marketing concept is as important as the making of the video.

Similarly, getting followers and viewers to subscribe your brand’s channel on YouTube requires even more complex strategies, without which, your brand won’t go up in ranking.

A Video with a Bad Internet Presence Won’t Be Viewed

CIM conducted a video study, in which more than 50% of business videos on YouTube had views even lesser than 1,000. That is a big negative sign especially since businesses spend thousands of dollars for their online video.

So, why are brands making so few subscribers and followers on their channel even when investing so much in online video marketing?

Content Not Be Blamed – It’s A Content Marketing Problem

After analyzing hundreds and millions of videos, CIM and 336 Productions conclude it’s more a problem of misdirected content marketing than any other.

The Video Sharing Hub and Video Marketing

While your video’s SEO will improve slightly by placing a few relevant tags and providing brief description of the video, this is simply not enough. Truth of the matter is; as much (if not more) finesse and effort is needed in the marketing of your online videos as it takes to making them.

The following are some important elements you need to keep in mind.

1.    Upload Different Content

The very best YouTube content marketers upload and share multiple videos to their followers. It was found in the same CIM analysis that the top tier of YouTube marketers had to upload an average of 181 videos! An equally interesting observation is that top tier marketers produced videos that showcased a broader distribution of video lengths, i.e. their videos consisted of varying time lengths.

2.    Engage Your Community

Your target audience will more likely (about 10 times!) be inclined to engage, embed, share and comment on video content as compared to related social or blog posts. Also remember: YouTube isn’t just an online video repository. It’s also a very powerful social media platform. Make proper use of it.

Businesses today have a lot to look after when it comes to sales and operations. Why not give the video production aspect to a professional video production company?

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