Leading By Example: How To Create B2B Videos For Better Targeting

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We’ve all seen our fair share of uninteresting B2B marketing videos: the ones with a bland shot of the company’s logo, a few seconds of random office footage, some shots of the employees working at the factory assembly line, and a person monotonously listing off every detail and feature of a new product.

No one wants to sit through that!

B2B marketing videos have the potential of being every bit as interesting and fun to watch as the rest of the video content we see on YouTube. The key is to create the video in such a manner that makes the important details shine through while still retaining the fun element.

These insider tips will get you started on doing just that!

Don’t Create Content For The Sake Of It

With video content becoming the number one way of increasing your lead conversion rate and driving more sales, every business is rushing to create some sort of video content. But creating B2B videos and then just letting them float out there on the internet without tying it up in some way to your marketing strategy is a big mistake. The video should meet your general business objectives.

Emotions Or Logic?

The perpetual debate: what matters more, emotions or logic? When it comes to video content, use both. Telling a story through a video is a great way of humanizing your brand and making it more relatable to your target audience. Humor is also a great tool for connecting with your customer base on a human level.

Take, for example, Hootsuite’s Mean Tweets campaign. Borrowing a game segment from the popular show host, Jimmy Kimmel, Hootsuite’s staff members read out Mean Tweets about what their users have to say about their previous software’s user interface.


Customize To Optimize

Figure out which social media platform your business is the most popular on and where the video is more likely to get more traction. You can then customize the video according to that platform. For Facebook and IGTV, shooting the video with a vertical frame works best, whereas, for YouTube, horizontal frames are the way to go!

Advertise Benefits Rather Than Features

While products may include a long list of features, what a video should focus on is the benefits those features have. Because that is, ultimately, the one thing consumers are interested in; what they are getting out of your product matters the most.

One Story At A Time

One of the worse things you can do for a B2B video is cram multiple messages in a single video. Talk about information overload! At the end of a video, you want your audience to have retained some of the information. Imagine having the entire storyline of your favorite show all stuffed into one episode. Split it up and make multiple videos.

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