Let’s talk about Post-Production

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There are three stages to video production: pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production stage is all about careful planning. It’s where you cast, write, communicate, and bring-together all that you need for production. Production is when all the filming takes place. It’s where the cast and crew gathers at the location, with all the gear, and shoots.

Now, let’s talk about post-production, or simply, post. Post begins when production ends; no surprises there. Post is normally seen as editing, and it is true editing is the main service of post-production, but there are many other services that fall under the domain of post. For the most part, they follow a very strict chronological order for when each must be performed. Not every project needs the same post production services, but for a live-action video, most projects follow this workflow:

Step#1 Backup Footage

One of the big negatives of our digital age is losing media. Incidents where the footage gets deleted accidentally, or a drive or media card fails are all too common.To avoid this, we back-up our footage and project files on multiple drives, stored in different places.

Step#2 Import Footage

We then bring the footage into our editing software.

Step#3 Organize Footage

Next, the editor will organize all the clips. The director may have noted specific takes he likes, but if not, the editor will mark the best takes. He will also organize the clips into shots and scenes, or however he chooses to arrange the folders.

Step#4 Build an Assembly

This is the “per-cut.” The editor start dragging clips onto the timeline to create the body of the cut. Then, he’ll start “trimming the fat,” which brings us to…

Step#5 Rough Cut

The rough cut is like a house half-built; You can see what the house will look like, but the bells and whistles aren’t there. At this stage, many post services like sound and music, text graphics, and voice-over are rough or temp. The point of the rough cut is to lock picture. This means no more actual cuts are made to the visual timeline.

Step#6 Fine Cut

Once picture is locked, work on the fine cut begins. The other post services are refined, and if final voice-over hasn’t been recorded yet, it is now.

Step#7 Final Cut

The final cut is the stage of the editing where all the effects and services are finalized and incorporated into the cut. Color corrections will be applied and sound and music mixes are finalized.

Step#8 Export

After the final cut is approved, the video is exported and compressed to various file types requested by the client.

Step# 9 Delivery

Delivery of the final video is delivered digitally, and perhaps through a physical copy like a DVD or Blu-ray.


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